The Company


EURO-IMPEX ApS is a well-run production and trading company that is based in Southern Jutland. Over a number of years and with the help of good connections to a large network of suppliers, the company has developed a broad range.

This means that today we can deliver to almost anywhere in the world. At EURO-IMPEX ApS we would like to be known for our quality products, stable delivery as well as our service to our customers.



EURO-IMPEX ApS is a combined trading and production company that specialises in the production of larger ranges. We export to most of Europe and we also export to, for example, the USA and Japan.

In the course of the past 26 years, EURO-IMPEX ApS has acquired significant knowledge of the import and export of a broad range of wood products and types and we have developed production machinery so that today, in addition to slat bases, we can also produce fixed frame bases and various shelving systems, etc.