EURO-IMPEX ApS is a well-run production and trading company based in Southern Jutland.

Over a number of years, with the help of good connections to a large network of suppliers, the company has built up a wide assortment. This means that today we can deliver to most of the world. At EURO-IMPEX ApS, we would like to be known for our quality products, stable delivery and our service to customers.

Our production


Quality sorted wood stock

Our carefully selected, quality graded wood stock ensures that we can always supply wood of the highest standard for your needs.

euroimpex (21)

Treatment of the wood

Through our careful machining processes, we transform raw wood into tailor-made materials that meet your exact requirements.

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Collection of products

Our skilled team assembles the products with precision and care, resulting in durable and reliable wood solutions for you.


This is where we stay.

This is our base from which we operate

Solid slats:

Laminated slats

Moulded slats

Elevation frames

Elevation bed 2

Care bed

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We always maintain an available inventory, which means we are always ready to process your order immediately.